I love you with my whole heart. I love you so much baby! Forever and always! Through thick and thin

I love you too sweetie ! :)

Hey beautiful. I just wanted to put a smile on your face. You're so cute and unf that I would love to hold you and keep you tight. I look at your pictures and can't help but smile. Well have a great day or night!

Defnetly need a smile on my face ! Thanks come off anon!

I miss you and I wish you were mine again. I know you aren't in love because you never fall in love. Plus why would you "love" a girl like that brenda. Anyways I wish you came back to me.. I think about you everyday even though we broke up a long time ago. Well have a great day.

Wth -_____- whos this ? Which ex -.-

And what are your plans??

Personal stuff

what did you do?

Traveled and got lots of plans

How is your summer doing?

Pretty Great !

How long have you been together?

About to be 2 years

Where did you meet your girlfriend?


"I really aint got no hoes"

a nigga who really aint got no hoes  (via validx2)